Excited because I’m going to Frightmare tonight bye everyone
Once you get this, you have to post 5 random facts about yourself, and then pass it on to 10 of your favorite followers → fahlheit

1. If I have a bag on me there is a 95% chance I am carrying a crumpled photo of Jason Statham.
2. I some how ended up at a neon rave last night and am now covered in neon paint this morning I feel gr8.
3. I’ve been thinking about valium a lot lately.
4. If I could have any unnatural skin colour I would go for lilac and then I would wear gold eyeliner all the time and be a goddess.
5. I want to own more rabbits

ayyyy i missed it too, u'll always be norotautou to me<3 → skeletoninthebasement

I am norotautou forever bby


Cover Illustration, The Great Gatsby

meadham kirchoff aw/14, photography by rosaline shahnavaz.


incase ur having a bad day, heres a sleeping wolf puppy!

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